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Forest post drought recovery times are increasing

Franco Biondi’s Dendro Lab research contributes to understanding how long trees can survive during drought. Biondi, professor of natural resources and environmental sciences, studies the vascular system of trees; specifically, how trees transport water from the ground to the atmosphere. A recent study in which he participated looked at what happens when the capillary forces within the vascular system are broken or strained during drought. (full article)


First time observed: monarch butterflies lay eggs in spring in Las Vegas

A Master Gardener’s five-year quest to increase pollinators by planting and conducting research with 30 varieties of milkweed in the Las Vegas area is showing some real results. This spring brought the first ever recorded spring sighting of Western monarch butterflies laying eggs in Las Vegas. The eggs have since hatched, and 12 new butterflies were tagged and released Monday (Link)

Great Basin native seed study targets rangeland restoration

Restoration of rangelands in the Great Basin is taking a new direction as scientists seek to find the ideal seed stock to use for the many different ecosystems across the 70 million acre expanse – native seeds that are locally adapted to the conditions. (Link)


Great Basin Sagebrush Restoration Fund

Sagebrush ecosystems in the United States have eroded to about 56% of their historical range due to land degradation, especially from wildfire and invasive species propagation. Lithium Americas Corp. has recently established the ‘Great Basin Sagebrush Restoration Fund’ (GBSR Fund) with the University of Nevada Foundation (UNR Foundation). The purpose of the GBSR Fund is to advance research and development towards improved, cost-effective restoration of degraded sagebrush rangelands. (link)



University of Nevada, Reno puts portion of Main Station Farm up for sale

by Kenzie Bales   Monday, March 26th 2018

A 104-acre parcel of land at the intersection of Mill Street and McCarran Boulevard zoned as Planned Unit Development has been put up for sale by the University of Nevada, Reno for a minimum bid of $20 million, according to a statement released from the university. (full article)


Reengineering plants to be more drought and salt tolerant

Story by: Robyn Feinberg

John Cushman is a foundation professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, whose research proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute has been picked for a partnership under its Plant Flagship Genomes program.

“The goal of the plant flagship program is basically to sequence genomes, or sequence transcriptomes of a series of target crops that are of importance to the mission of the Department of Energy, mainly as bioenergy feedstocks,” Cushman said. “And these can also include model species that grow rapidly and are easy to study to better understanding gene function.” (Read More)

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