Nevada Association of Conservation Districts announcement

Dear Conservation People in Nevada,

Nevada Association of Conservation Districts held our first ever virtual Annual Meeting this week and it was a resounding success.  Not as much fun as being together in person, but still full of pertinent information and a strategic planning section to project us into the future. As Awards and Scholarship Committees Chairs, I want to make sure everyone knows about the NvACD awards and scholarships given.  There were amazing recipients this year that you probably know even if you are not directly associated with conservation districts. Kenneth Johns and Gerry Miller NvACD Hall of Fame and Laura Van Ripper Distinguished Service to the Cause of Conservation  (Awards link)


Every year NvACD awards scholarships to Nevada students pursuing an agriculture or natural resource field.  It is a heartwarming opportunity to be on the Scholarship Committee and read about the super-fantastic kids out there that are on the path to make a difference in conservation in Nevada. Last Spring, we awarded $3900 to 11 students that came from all over the state.  I can tell you it was not easy to narrow it down from the over 30 that applied.  Each year we award half of what we have available in our scholarship account.  The only source of income for this important enterprise is a raffle and silent auction held each year at our Annual Meeting.  I guess you can realize we could not hold that live this year, SO, I want to make you aware of our ONLINE SILENT AUCTION. There is a link on the homepage of the NvACD website at   There you will find, ably set up by our Treasurer, Adriane Tibbitts, an easy way to bid on the items.  You can find some great Christmas presents there.  The auction is open until December 4.

Here is why you would want to bid or donate; we received this update from one recipient in 2020.  She indicated she would be pursuing a degree in environmental science, focusing on pollutants and contamination. She is enrolled at UNR, and she graduated from Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy (high school) in Las Vegas.   Her words:

Thank you once again for this generous opportunity to pursue my dream of higher education. As requested, I am doing a follow up report regarding my process towards my professional goals. As you are well aware, this academic year has brought unprecedented challenges and experiences. Hours of online studies and interactions have taken a toll on my wearied mind, however despite being unable to meet my professors face-to-face I am taken aback by the immeasurable amount of compassion and dedication that my professors and colleagues have shown. Throughout these months of remote learning I have experienced diverse perspectives that have only increased my passion for learning. Living through a pandemic and experiencing first-hand the detrimental effects of California’s wildfires have all instilled within me a greater appreciation for life and unspoiled air. Therefore, I hope to pursue a minor in hydrology and expand my knowledge of Environmental Science by applying to undergraduate research in the upcoming fall semester. While the upcoming months may be uncertain, please rest assure that I have no intention in halting my education and will continue to make use of your consideration and generosity.

 With much appreciation,

Alejandra G.

It has been a tough year; this is some GOOD NEWS!  Please take the time to read the attached Award presentations, and please, consider a bid on a silent auction item, the donation of an item, or a financial contribution to the NvACD Scholarship Fund.  NvACD is a 501(c)(3) entity.  You can email me with any questions,, or Adriane at   There will be deserving students most thankful next year for what you do now.

Happy Thanksgiving!  And thank you,

Maggie Orr

NvACD Awards and Scholarship Committees