The Nevada section of the Society for Range Management is a member-dependent professional organization that brings together multiple sectors of the rangeland management community to provide leadership for the stewardship of rangelands based on sound ecological and socioeconomic principles. Our goal is functioning and sustainable rangelands for the future.

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Society for Range Management has a lot to offer producers

Morgan Rose Mar 15, 2022

Started roughly 75 years ago, the Society for Range Management (SRM) is an organization made up of producers, land managers, scientists and students who are dedicated to conserving and maintaining the planet’s cherished rangelands. (full article) 

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Chloe Crookshanks represents NVSRM in Albuquerque !

Chloe Crookshanks, a Carson High School junior, has been selected by the Nevada Section of the Society for Range Management to participate in the High School Youth Forum, an SRM sponsored youth activity held jointly during the 75th Annual SRM annual meeting.

This year’s meeting is being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Feb. 6-10. This year’s meeting theme is “Sustainability through Culture and Innovation.” Chloe will be giving a presentation about the impact that feral horses have on Nevada’s rangeland and possible future solutions. Chloe is also member of the Carson High School FFA chapter.

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