The mission of the Nevada Section is to foster the advancement of the science and art of managing Rangelands. Our emphasis is within the State of Nevada, but our concerns transcend state and national boundaries. The Nevada Section promotes enhancing the conservation and sustained use of natural resources and ecological services present on Rangelands, that are required to support the high standard of living expected by our Society. The Nevada Section attempts to do this by stimulating discussion and understanding of scientific and management problems and issues on public and private rangelands. The Nevada Section serves as a medium for the exchange of facts, knowledge, concepts, and ideas among Section members, and between rangeland professionals and the broader public. Our ultimate goal is to improve management on rangelands in our Section, so that natural resources desired or required throughout Society are available to all, in perpetuity.

A well-trained and highly motivated group of professionals and rangeland users working with productive, sustainable rangeland ecosystems.

Strategic Plan 2015